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Download any of these designs by clicking the image and choosing Download in the screen that appears. Then, import the design into your copy of the Fuse Bead Pattern Designer software to make changes (add/remove beads, change colors, etc.) and then print the design and a color key.

Want to create your own design from an image? You can! All you need is Fuse Bead Image Converter. Visit our Products section to learn more.

Remember: With Fuse Bead Image Converter, you can create your own Perler Bead patterns from virtually any image -- clipart, photos, logos, paintings, drawings, etc. It's fun... and easy! Order Fuse Bead Pattern Designer today and get started on your next project. Whether you place the finished project on a wall, hang it in a window, or give it as a gift, everyone will be impressed with your unique creation!

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